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September 26th, 2017

Position: Integrated Behavioral Health Therapist (BHT)
Direct Supervision: Mountain Medical 
Status: Exempt, Full-Time 

Mountain Medical Center, a full-service family practice medical center that has been providing care to the residents of and visitors to Ouray County since January 2000, is hiring a full-time Integrated Behavioral Health Therapist to join their team. 

Position: Integrated Behavioral Health Therapist - will assist Mountain Medical in providing comprehensive, team-based healthcare to achieve the highest level of recovery and optimal wellness for patients. He/she will provide brief, targeted interventions and short-term outpatient mental health treatment to patients using evidence-based modalities; serve as a consultant for the primary care team in identifying, assessing, and making recommendations for the treatment of a variety of behavioral health disorders; develop care plans in collaboration with patients and members of the primary care team to empower patients to self-manage their physical and mental health; and share responsibility for ensuring adequate coverage of intakes and crisis intervention.

The ideal candidate will possess working knowledge of individual, group, and family treatment approaches and their application to clients with emotional, behavioral, and substance use disorders. He/she will also have clinical experience providing brief behavioral interventions to patients with chronic health conditions and training in conducting mental health status examinations to establish differential diagnoses and treatment plans. 

A master's level degree in one of the recognized mental health professions, 2 or more years of experience providing mental health treatment, and a Colorado state professional license in good standing is required (LCSW preferred). Experience in an integrated primary care setting a plus! 

Location: Mountain Medical Center, Ridgway, Colorado

To Apply: Please submit your cover letter and resume with the title of the position in the subject line.

Please go to http://tchnetwork.org/jobs/ for a full job description.

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